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party’s over

i’ve been in a bit of a funk for a bit. actually for more than a bit. probably most of my life. yes, i’ve experienced moments of happiness, growth and … Continue reading

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who really knows the right thing to do in any given moment? or what will come of the choice we make in those moments? like what would have happened if … Continue reading

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on love and loss

my grandmother passed away at the ripe age of 87 years old this week. just six days before her 88th.  i found myself disappointed at the way the news was … Continue reading

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just a thought: tough times

when experiencing tough times, it becomes quite easy to sit and wonder “why me?”. in the midst of my latest storm, it occurred to me that maybe the question i … Continue reading

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survey says…

what’s with all of these internet surveys lately? you know… the ones that get you to enter super analytically private information about yourself (ie, your favorite french fry) that it … Continue reading

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for all the leaders…

what it means to be a leader is really on my mind lately. various reasons, none super important to what i am about to say… because i cannot help but … Continue reading

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fifteen second therapy: distracted by distractions

i’ve thought a lot about my last post. and those before that happened to fall post long posting pauses… and i see that i can’t walk and chew gum, as my … Continue reading

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hush now or never

so. i’ve been awfully quiet of late. wanting to post about so many different things… but unable to find the words. hence, the silence. sincere apologies. this isn’t the first … Continue reading

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work it: what you really want

what do you really want for your life? it’s important to answer the question honestly. seriously. because i know so many of us, myself included, that pretend to relegate ourselves … Continue reading

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the life you save may be your own

some of you may not agree with what i am about to say. that’s okay. i can only write through the lens of the life i’ve lived… it is not … Continue reading

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from the heart

the idea of living from the heart is something that seems quite elusive to many. i’m sure many of you are reading this and wondering – what does that even … Continue reading

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political disobedience

and so, they’re closed. not giving a damn about the people who are most affected by this shutdown. people that they are calling ‘non-essential.’ as if the jobs that the … Continue reading

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